Free Annuity Leads

A Simple 5 Step Plan for Free Leads

Gathering free annuity leads is an effective way for agents to increase annuity sales while reducing out-of-pocket expenses. Of course, a bad lead is lost time, even if it is free. Using these five smart lead generation tactics, a resourceful agent can develop a reliable source of annuity leads that are both free and high quality.

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  1. Ask for customer referrals -- A happy customer is an agent's best ally when it comes to making new annuity sales, especially if the agent is thought of as a trusted advisor. Not only does the agent have the benefit of glowing reviews, but the agent also has the opportunity to target more prospects in a demographic that has been successful. Offering a financial incentive for successful sales can motivate customers while keeping costs down for the agent.
  2. Improve your search engine optimization- Agents with websites have significantly more exposure than those who do not, and those who employ search engine optimization practices are even more likely to be found. Be sure your site includes pages targeting specific "hyper-local" areas (even neighborhoods) and high quality content for each service offered (don't just write about "variable annuities" -- go deep and wide on topics like "ratchets," "hedging," and "death benefits"). Writing a blog can also be effective, since search engines love to see fresh content. A blog also provides agents the opportunity to position themselves as experts, which inspires confidence in prospective customers.But remember, the online annuity industry is filled with smart and aggressive companies, and is among the most competitive. If you decide to build your annuity business via search marketing, you must invest the time and effort in creating high quality, differentiated content.
  3. Monitor web chatter -- Sites like Boardreader allow agents to search for recent web conversations about various topics. Think of the kinds of questions that consumers might post, and search with those keywords. Responding to those posts with helpful information and a link to your website's lead capture page is an excellent way to generate free annuity leads. Other pages to monitor include Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers or Quora.
  4. Target "life events" within your community -- The Internet is not the only way to generate free annuity leads. Agents can scan local papers for event announcements related to retirement or job changes. Companies often publicize executive retirements and departures, automatically providing free leads within the target market. Coworkers organize retirement parties on Facebook. Sending a hand-written note can make a positive impression on potential customers and increase the chances of a sale. Joining local business organizations is also an excellent way to grow a network and increase an agent's exposure to prospective customers.
  5. Get free annuity leads from a paid service -- Free leads from a paid service you say? Many paid lead services offer free leads to attract new customers. While some of these free annuity leads are of very high quality (such as All Web Leads), some are not. Agents should look for a free lead offer that is truly designed to test the service, not just to lure them into signing a long-term contract or putting down a deposit. As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A lead program that offers hundreds of free leads to get an agent to sign up is suspect.

Free Leads -- What to Be Aware Of

Upfront "free" leads may not be fresh, and in may be "cloned", a process in which the lead provider finds similar individuals based on demographic data of existing customers. Using these leads is likely to be only as effective as cold calling. However, some lead providers offer a mix of paid and free leads during an initial trial period. These leads are both fresh and legitimate, so the agent can get a true sense of the value of the program.

It is often said that nothing in life is free. While this is frequently true, it is possible to generate free annuity leads with a little hard work and a smart approach.

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