Guide to Lead Generation for Insurance Agents

Lead generation is a vital skill that any insurance agent should hone and perfect. Today's consumer is distrustful and disinterested in salesmen pushing products, instead seeking out solutions managers that identify ways that insurance policies can be used as part of responsible, effective financial planning. Before you can help anyone, before a single policy can be sold, an agent must find those in need of his or her expertise. Read this guide to lead generation for insurance agents to learn new ways to effectively and efficiently reach them.

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Purchasing Leads

Purchasing leads is a simple and cost-effective way to find interested buyers, but there are a lot of sellers out there and an agent must be judicious in deciding which to purchase from. Reputable, proven lead sellers will save you time and energy, but poor leads containing inaccurate information will lead to lost time and frustration.

Do your homework by asking your colleagues or the companies you represent for the names of lead providers that are tested and effective. Make sure you can filter your results, so you can spend more time helping clients and less time scrolling through lists. The ability to find leads within the demographics you have selected is a invaluable time-saver. Try a company like All Web Leads, which offers multiple levels of filtering and was ranked #1 by Leads360 for both lead qualification, which measures the contact-ability and qualification of leads, and growth of repeat business, a strong indicator of customer success.

Find Leads Others Overlook

Many agents overlook the vast opportunities posed by prospects in their own lives. Anyone in an agent's phone can be considered a prospect, if that person considers the agent a knowledgeable, solutions-focused advisor in all things insurance. Better still, each of those potential prospects has their own network of friends, family, and co-workers that can be reached via referral.

Simply asking a happy client for a referral is usually effective, but try this trick to help encourage your customers to spread the word: give them a stamped postcard containing your name and contact information, and a brief invitation to call you with any insurance needs. All your client has to do is address it to someone they think likely to need your services, and drop it in the mail. This is effective for two reasons: you've already stamped it, so most people will feel compelled to honor your small investment of money with a small investment of time, and because with this method they are not giving out a potential prospect's contact information without that prospect's consent. All they are doing is suggesting that the prospect call you, and most people value a friend's recommendation above all else.

Leads in Your Community

Agents often miss the leads closest to them-- friends, family, and those in their communities. Few realize that in their local communities or neighborhood, regardless of size, is a large cadre of small business owners who have spent so much time managing their businesses that their personal affairs may have fallen by the wayside. Cultivating these clients is richly rewarding for both parties: they will generally need both commercial and personal insurance, and your expertise can save countless time and trouble for them when it comes time to buy.

Finding these people is easy: open your checkbook, or your online statements, and see who you're writing checks to. Chances are, these are business owners in need of someone to help them manage their insurance needs. Agents often assume that plumbers, repairmen, and other skilled tradesmen in their communities have little need for their products, but nothing could be further from the truth-- many are true small businesspersons and are well-rewarded financially for their skills. By mining your local community and local businesses for prospects, you find leads that others have missed and that you are uniquely suited to serve.