Qualified Life Insurance Leads—What Are They and Why Are They Valuable?

There are more ways than ever before for an insurance agent to find new clients, and new ways for consumers to find agents as well. A flood of prospects scours the internet for insurance each day, and plenty of services exist to connect these searchers with agents that can help them meet their insurance needs.

The benefits of qualified life insurance lead services are potentially enormous-- online leads are prospects that are actively searching for insurance already. They won't need to be convinced that your product is necessary, and you won't have to spend hours on the phone or hundreds of dollars on direct mail to find them.

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Cheap Insurance Leads Are No Bargain

The agent first exploring the world of online leads may be intrigued by the bargain-basement cost of the cheapest leads, but experienced lead buyers know to steer clear. Cheap leads are riddled with errors and bad contact information, and are sold to many agents at once, creating stiff competition.

"There are a lot of leads out there that are terrible," said one life insurance agent in Texas. "The address they give you doesn't even exist, stuff like that, and then you're scrambling for a refund on that lead which, most of the time, you don't get."

Pre-Qualified Insurance Leads Save Time and Make You Money

A wiser investment is in pre-qualified insurance leads. Pre-qualified insurance leads are collected by lead generation companies through various methods, usually by inviting prospects to fill out a detailed quote form of their personal information in exchange for an quote. The lead seller then analyzes the data received and determines which types of insurance that lead is qualified for. Agents pay only for leads that match the type of insurance they sell, which ensures a contact with an interested, qualified buyer. This eliminates the need for countless hours of slogging through disinterested and ineligible prospects.

Pre-qualified insurance leads have another advantage-- they cut through many of the barriers surrounding the wealthiest and most desirable prospects. Many affluent seniors, for example, have long since tired of the constant barrage of direct mail and telemarketing calls and are very savvy at protecting their personal information and making use of methods such as the national Do Not Call list. Despite this, these people truly do need insurance, and will search for it on their own. That's where pre-qualified insurance leads come in. With these leads, the prospects come to you, and only when they are ready to buy and interested in how you can help them. It's a much different (and easier!) sale when you have a client already convinced of their need for your product "It's a totally different game than cold-calling," said an agent from Texas. "You don't have to spend twenty minutes begging them not to hang up on you.".

The only drawback to pre-qualified insurance leads is their cost, as they require time and care to create. Like any wise investment, the money you spend to buy leads will return to you many times over if used properly. Pre-qualified leads are pricier, but will pay for themselves in time saved and sales closed-- and they're not as expensive as you might think.

Choosing a Lead Provider

Once you've decided to invest in pre-qualified leads, the most important decision an agent must make is which lead seller to purchase from-- there are many, each with their own pricing structure, features, and policies. When researching lead providers, reach out to your personal network. Many of your colleagues probably have a favorite source for leads.

Make sure the lead seller you choose has a wide range of options for filtering, ensuring the leads you get are tailored to your business. Look for geographic, demographic, and lifestyle filters that will help you truly hone in on the prospects you are best positioned to serve. Finally, take a close look at the return policy-- even the best providers will sell a bad lead now and then, and the way they handle that situation will speak volumes about whether they truly stand behind their leads.

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