Tips For Work-At-Home Insurance Agents

Are you considering a switch from a traditional office environment to selling insurance from home, or looking for tips to enhance work-life in your established home office? Selling from home can be a rewarding, liberating experience. These tips, gathered from successful at-home agents far and wide, will help make sure you won't exchange part of your income, or your sanity, for that freedom.

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Selling Over the Phone Or Computer

  • When your customer isn't in the same room, your voice takes center stage. Speak confidently, with an upbeat, friendly, warm and inviting tone to establish rapport.
  • Stand up while speaking and smile as you talk; the gesture will come through in your voice. Practice with a mirror until you can do all this naturally.
  • On the phone, without visual cues, it is essential to pause for at least three seconds after the client has spoken to avoid cutting them off.
  • Subtly match the customer's tone, style and pace of speech
  • Scripts help keep you on track. Write in pauses as a reminder to listen to the client, and remember that clients' attention may drift if the call isn't interactive.
  • In e-mail, match the customer's tone and length of text if possible, and use bullet points for important steps or information and choose your words carefully.


  • Don't take rejection personally, and remember that most deals don't close. Many factors are involved in a prospect's decision to buy or not buy, not all of which are under your control.
  • Understand that "no" may not be permanent, and make a plan to re-approach if the value seems to be there.

Forms And Applications

  • Follow up with the prospect, and check forms for accuracy and completeness.
  • Use online forms when possible to save time and avoid errors and omissions.
  • Promptly process forms when they are received, and don't let them languish on your desk.

Efficiency In Your Home Office: Avoid Sales Productivity Killers

  • Erratic schedule: Establish office hours when you sell insurance from home, as contacts should know when they can reliably get in touch with you. The routine will help you fight the urge to work 24/7.
  • Endless pings: Set aside specific time for checking e-mail and turn off instant messaging, texting, tweet notifications, and any other distractions during sales-call time.
  • Lack of focus: Avoid time wasters such as pets, TV, food, online shopping, and checking personal Facebook updates. Don't try to watch children while working and keep a glass of water nearby -- sometimes when you feel hungry, you're actually thirsty. Close your office door. Yes, you should have one!
  • Discomfort: Make your office area comfortable by investing in a quality chair and a desk of the proper height.
  • Technology woes: Dump your slow, unreliable computer and get the fastest Internet possible to avoid lost sales due to technical issues.
  • Noise: Use a headset designed to minimize background noise or provide ambient sound. Replace a hollow-core door with a solid-core model, and add a rug to absorb sound.
  • Social skills erosion: Network in person. You could join the Chamber of Commerce if you sell business lines, or participate in community or nonprofit work. Community involvement helps you meet people who need insurance.

Time Management

  • Make sure you're busy with quality leads by purchasing qualified insurance leads from a reputable provider. This is a powerful, efficient and cost-effective approach to reach people who are interested in insurance now and searching online.
  • Working from home eliminates the commute and time-wasting micromanagement of an office setting. Use this liberated time wisely!
  • Don't waste time on idle chit-chat with your prospects. Working from home can be lonely and the urge will be there.
  • Get people to call you: Request referrals from current clients and online reviews from happy customers, and optimize your website for search engines.
  • Eliminate unlikely prospects early via phone with qualifying questions for your type of insurance. Concentrate on those who truly need insurance now and are ready to buy, rather than those who might need it later.
  • Limit buying of lists, which can be risky. Use verifiably current, trusted, credible sources and test before buying a large amount of data.
  • Cold calling and direct mail can be a waste of time, so check your return on investment to be sure.

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