Turning 65 Leads - How to Generate and Close Medicare Leads

Turning 65 is a birthday milestone for many people. For insurance agents, it's an opportunity to sell supplemental Medicare insurance, or Medigap insurance, to people newly eligible for it. You, and every other insurance agent, are already well aware of this target market. Follow these tips to reach turning-65 leads more effectively than your competitors.

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Generating Turning-65 Leads: Should You Pay?

Most independent agents purchase leads, but the market for seniors turning 65 is particularly crowded. You have no doubt seen offers for lists of people reaching 65. These leads are probably genuine, but they are available to virtually every agent with a marketing budget. Remember that these consumers are inundated with calls from other independent agents, as well as slick direct-mail marketing materials from national insurance carriers.

Purchasing real-time online leads will give you an edge over the competition, especially if you use the following tactics:

  • Filter by age: Select a provider that allows you to filter leads by age. It doesn't matter what type of insurance the lead is seeking; if they are turning 65, you want to know.
  • Start marketing early: Remember that a person who is 62 or 63 years old will be turning 65 eventually; you don't have to wait until they are 64 to start marketing to them. Cast a wider net with your age filter and include supplemental Medicare insurance information when you pitch other insurance products. You won't make an immediate Medicare supplement insurance sale, but with this self-generating lead technique, that customer will be more likely to call you when the time comes.
  • Get exclusive leads: Anybody can buy a list, but purchasing exclusive leads significantly narrows the competition. Remember that consumers often explore multiple providers. Competing agents may get the same lead from another provider, so it's important to act quickly, even with an exclusive lead.

The short answer is: Yes, paying for leads is a valuable investment. Spend your money wisely and select a lead provider that allows you to filter by age and purchase exclusive leads.

Closing Turning-65 Medicare Leads

You've gathered your leads, now you have to close them. You must understand your target audience, as today's seniors are different from the previous generation. They are more tech-savvy, generally well-informed, and more responsive to a softer sales style. Remember these guidelines:

  • Don't be afraid of technology; your customer isn't: A self-guided sales presentation on a tablet device will not only keep your customer more engaged, but will also allow them to go at their own pace and ask the questions that are most meaningful to them. Use online scheduling tools to remind customers about upcoming sales calls.
  • They want information; give it to them: Many people in the generation now turning 65 have learned from their parents' poor investments or mistakes regarding insurance benefits. Be prepared to respond to objections based on their previous experiences, and consider preparing print materials with detailed responses to the most frequently asked questions. These customers don't want to be placated -- they want real answers.
  • Go easy on the hard sell: The landscape of insurance sales has changed. The consumer turning 65 is no longer responsive to telemarketing or traditional sales techniques, but they are accustomed to mobile marketing and Internet sales. They also have a higher expectation of service when it come to quality and speed. Be prepared to make your pitch, leave detailed information, and then be extremely accessible when marketing to this audience.

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