A coach can be an invaluable asset to help with insurance leads

Posted on: Friday, May 13, 2011

Fearing he may be leaving, many Boston basketball fans are now breathing a sigh of relief now that Doc Rivers has inked a multi-year contract to remain as the Celtics head coach.

Talk to almost any basketball insider and they will likely say that despite the Celtics not advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals, the strength of Rivers' coaching abilities increases the chances that Boston's players will perform well next year. And while insurance agents may not be able to afford paying for a million-dollar coach of their own, ProducersWeb says a coach or mentor can do wonders for agents' overall output.

In a recent posting, ProducersWeb talked about the value of a coach, saying that they can help agents stay focused on their message without veering off course.

ProducersWeb says the right coach should be a source of encouragement but at the same time tough enough so as to keep agents at the tip of their game and constantly trying to grow.

It's rarely smooth sailing in the insurance business, but a coach can help agents overcome the choppy seas.

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