Adjusting to the age of social media

Posted on: Monday, January 16, 2012

For insurance agents, engaging in social media is no longer an option but a necessity, according to ProducersWeb.

Because social media has become a crucial part of the insurance sales process, the website recently compiled several tips that will help guide agents in the social media age.

While outlets like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help increase insurance leads - and in so doing, sales - ProducersWeb says the sites should not be construed as a means to immediate profit.

"Instead, they are meant to establish your business as a leader in the field, generate referrals, improve SEO, and nurture relationships with existing and prospective clients," the source notes.

ProducersWeb also advises insurance agents to try to correlate insurance terms with social media lingo. For instance, conversion rates can be likened to the number of audience comments left on a post, amplification can translate into the number of times a post is shared and applause rate can correspond to the number of occasions a posting is "liked."

Finally, because these types of platforms are almost constantly changing, the source advises agents to stay current on the latest updates. These alterations may require the content that's provided to be packaged differently.

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