All Web Leads Announces Significant Changes to Lead Distribution Rules

Posted on: Tuesday, May 01, 2012

All Web Leads, a leading online sales lead generation company serving the US Insurance industry, announced today that it is implementing new rules regarding the sale of its leads to its customers in order to increase the quality of leads in the market. The new rules include restrictions on the sale of its leads, additional identifying information that is provided along with the leads and requirements on affiliates who sell leads to the company.

All Web Leads has notified its indirect customers (those that do not directly sell insurance themselves) that they will no longer be eligible to purchase leads from the company unless they can identify the direct customer on whose behalf they are purchasing the lead. All Web Leads is taking this action in order to eliminate the "ping-chaining" in the indirect marketplace that makes it difficult to enforce the rules regarding the use of Internet leads. All Web Leads believes that this action will allow the company's leads to perform better for the Insurance professionals that purchase them.

"The indiscriminant and rampant overselling of leads in the Insurance marketplace is hurting everyone," said Bill Daniel, CEO of All Web Leads. "The lack of accountability has made it difficult for our customers to distinguish high-quality leads and has hurt performance. By restricting the sale of our leads we want to eliminate the opportunities for operators who are taking value from us and our customers."

"The LeadsCouncil's mission, amongst many, is to encourage processes and best practices that improve lead quality for the end lead buyer, and subsequently the industry as a whole," said Michael Ferree, Director of the LeadsCouncil, an independent association of buyers and sellers in the online lead generation market. " We are very happy to see LeadsCouncil members working together to improve transparency and lead quality in the Insurance vertical. We are encouraged to see All Web Leads take initiative and address lead quality head-on. For many in the industry the timing is perfect and we hope many others follow suit."

In addition, All Web Leads will now include campaign source information along with the leads it sells to insurance agents, brokers and carriers. Including this information will enable customers to provide more actionable information about lead performance and enable All Web Leads to use that feedback to tune its online marketing activities towards improved performance. All Web Leads will also provide a unique certificate identifying the source of the lead, using technology from, to any customer that requests that information.

All Web Leads has also notified its marketing partners that any leads purchased must include source campaign identifying information, and/or a identifier, in order to be eligible for sale to the company. Accepting only leads with this granular information about sourcing will also provide the company with information it can use to further improve quality for its customers.

These changes follow on significant investments the company has made in commercial and proprietary verification and fraud detection technologies over the past year. The investments continue to provide the company the ability to identify leads that will perform best for its customers. All Web Leads recently won awards in the Leads360 2012 Lead Industry Report examining quality and performance in online lead generation. All Web Leads was ranked first place in Insurance Lead Volume Growth, a measure of same-customer increase in lead purchases, and first place in Lead Qualification Rate, a measure of the contact-ability and qualification of the information contained in the leads. All Web Leads also received the award for second place in Lead Conversion Rate, a measure of agent success in selling policies against the leads.

For more information about All Web Leads' commitment to lead quality please visit

About All Web Leads

Founded in 2005, All Web Leads ( is a leading online sales lead provider for the U.S. insurance industry. The company delivers real-time, targeted, high-quality sales leads to top insurance producers. All Web Lead's technology-driven approach to online marketing helps bring together agents with qualified customers who are actively searching online for insurance products. The company's award-winning insurance lead programs, All Web Leads and, lead the industry in conversion, qualification and volume according to recent surveys. The company is headquartered in Austin, TX.

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