Americans change employer-sponsored health plans infrequently

Posted on: Friday, February 15, 2013

Over the last seven years, fewer insurance customers have switched insurance plans among individuals who were covered their place of employment, a new poll shows.

According to a recent report released by the National Institute for Healthcare Reform, approximately 13 percent of Americans who were under the age of 65 opted for another plan provided by an employer. That's down from a ratio of one in every six - or 17.2 percent - when contrasted with 2003.

Among those who did change plans, they were asked why they did so by the report's researchers. In both time periods, one of the most common responses from workers was that they switched because they had been offered a job with another employer or voluntarily sought work with a different company.

Companies themselves were often the cause of these switches as well. In nearly two-thirds of cases, respondents said they changed plans because their company had opted to go with a different employer-sponsored health provider in 2010 This was roughly on par with 2003, as six in 10 consumers said they switched plans in 2003 because their employer dropped coverage for a different plan.

What has yet to be determined is how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will affect employer-sponsored health plans and whether people will switch. Government officials say that if consumers like the coverage that their employer offers, they have the ability to keep it.

Detractors of the PPACA say this may not be the case, however, as some employers may decide it's best to drop coverage if it becomes too expensive. If they do so, they'll face a fine of $3,000 for each employee that's not provided with an affordable health insurance option.

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