Approximately half of professionals use social media for business

Posted on: Thursday, August 11, 2011

Facebook may no longer be the sole-proprietorship of individuals looking to find out what's going on with their friends, as more and more companies are logging on to the social network phenomenon to further business productivity.

According to a new study conducted by multimedia company The Creative Group, close to 50 percent of advertising and marketing executives interviewed for the survey said they have used or are using Facebook for business purposes. Further, of those who don't use the social media website, nearly 60 percent said they plan to within the next few years.

Donna Farrugia, executive director of the multimedia company, said the findings are reflective of a nationwide trend.

"Chances are, nearly everyone you know - from your dentist to your colleague - is a part of at least one online community," said Farrugia. "Whether it's Facebook, Twitter or Google-plus, people are finding social networks useful for expanding their professional contact base, mining information that can help them in their careers, and showcasing their strengths and industry expertise."

Agents are among those who have found social media to be a great outlet for insurance prospecting and lead generation.

Posted In: Insurance News, Utilizing Social Media

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