Avoiding social media miscues

Posted on: Thursday, August 11, 2011

As several polls and surveys have shown, agents are increasingly gravitating toward social media to enhance their insurance prospecting. However, as ProducersWeb details, this has also led to agents making silly marketing mistakes.

To help prevent this from happening, the source recently discussed some of the more common marketing miscues.

For example, while Facebook and Twitter serve as ideal outlets to reach out to clients and potential customers, ProducersWeb says it's also tempting to use them as advertising platforms. This should be avoided, however, as the source says it sends an inartful message and often winds up attracting the wrong audience.

Another misuse of social media is to obtain a profile but then never use it. The source says to do this is worse than not using it at all. Instead, ProducersWeb advises agents to develop a strategy where they sign in to their account on a regular basis.

The website also advises agents to practice the same rules that they would when meeting with a client face-to-face, specifically being honest and direct.

By adhering to these guidelines, agents can take full advantage of social media and avoid the pitfalls.

Posted In: Sales and Marketing Tips

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