Becoming better informed on insurance leads via social media

Posted on: Friday, May 13, 2011

As any one who frequents websites like Facebook and Twitter can attest, social media has revolutionized how people interact with one another on a day-to-day basis. But it isn't just consumers who've benefited; it's been a boon for businesses as well. In fact, thousands of companies use outlets like Facebook and Twitter to market the products and services they're offering.

Mashable - a blog that focuses primarily on social media news - recently posted an in-depth article detailing how businesses are marketing successfully one friend and tweet at a time.

For instance, Mashable points out that because so many websites have Facebook features allowing users to "like" certain things, it allows companies to better learn about the choice preferences of their target audiences.

Mashable also says that social media has removed the intermediary, or the thing that used to come between the buyer and the seller, such as newspapers or television news. Now, marketers can communicate with their potential buyers directly.

Social media has broadened the horizons for insurance agents to find insurance leads and reach out to them successfully. Agents should familiarize themselves with the sites if they haven't already.

Posted In: Insurance News, Utilizing Social Media

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