Case studies more effective than testimonials

Posted on: Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Whatever good or service a consumer is looking to purchase, they often like to try before they buy. One way people do this is by reviewing testimonials from other clients, as it allows them to review the quality of something before financially committing to it.

Agents often post positive testimonials on their websites and newsletters in orders to increase insurance sales, but as ProducersWeb states, testimonials shouldn't be relied on too heavily.

The reason why, according to ProducersWeb, is because they lack the substance insurance leads are often looking for to gauge how effective an insurance agent is.

While testimonials have their value and shouldn't be abandoned entirely, the source states agents should incorporate case studies into their newsletters and websites, ones that offer specific examples of past clients' situations, and the strategy the insurance agent used to improve their financial future. ProducersWeb says prospects will enjoy reading these stories because they supply more context than testimonials.

Insurance sales are all about building relationships. Case studies can help agents turn prospects into clients.

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