Children living in rural areas often have limited access to care

Posted on: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When agents are out insurance prospecting, they often find that single adults are a frequent source of insurance leads. But a new study indicates parents may be just as much of a source as well, as many children often lack healthcare.

According to a report from the Health Resources and Services Administration, children living in rural areas are more likely to have limited access healthcare when compared to children who live in neighborhoods that are closer to the city. The report also found that children in rural areas are more likely to exhibit emotional, behavioral and developmental conditions that require treatment.

"This national survey demonstrates how children in rural areas face particular health risks," said Mary Wakefield, HRSA administrator. "Using the information provided by parents about their children will give public health officials a more complete picture for how to improve these children's health outcomes."

Insurance agents can help children and increase their sales by reaching out to their parents and working with them so their kids can get the care they need.

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