Consulting sessions enhance employees’ comprehension of benefit plans

Posted on: Thursday, February 09, 2012

For insurance agents who may be skeptical about whether their consulting is benefiting their insurance customers, a new survey may help alleviate their concerns.

According to the results of a Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company poll, 96 percent of respondents who took part in a benefits counseling session with their agent said they better understood their benefits package in the aftermath.

Other findings from the survey showed that not only are insurance customers rewarded for their participation but 98 percent said they thought one-to-one counseling sessions were important with, two-thirds believing sessions were very important.

Randy Horn, president and CEO of Colonial Life, said employers who offer insurance packages should take note of the poll's results.

"Today, more than ever, employers need to gain maximum value from the benefits they provide," said Horn. "The investment made in providing a strong benefits package is lost if employees don't understand and appreciate what they're offered."

He added that counseling sessions give employees the understanding they need to make the most of their benefits plans. It also helps employers determine the comprehensiveness of the packages and whether they can be improved upon.

Posted In: Insurance News, Health Insurance

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