Consumers describe what ‘personal responsibility’ means to them

Posted on: Tuesday, January 08, 2013

As Americans look to take on added responsibility by improving their lives in the new year, a recent survey provides an indication of what this term means to the average person.

According to polling firm Harris Interactive, when respondents were presented with a list of choices about what "personal responsibility" meant to them, nearly half said that they saw it as doing something, or acting in a way that demonstrates what's expected of you. A slightly smaller percentage defined it as admitting to mistakes made and approximately one in every four said they considered it to be taking on an especially challenging task.

The poll, which included nearly 1,800 insurance customers, was funded by Liberty Mutual Insurance.

The survey also described what were Americans' most-common New Year's resolutions this year. Once again, losing weight was far and away the top commitment among adults between 18 to 64 years of age, followed by healthier eating, improving one's spirituality and better managing of personal finances.

Life insurance leads, which tend to increase in frequency in the New Year, are a good indication that Americans are placing a priority on improving themselves financially.

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