Consumers often more at ease talking through internet than in person, poll finds

Posted on: Monday, July 30, 2012

A new study may be one of the strongest indications yet that social media is a great way to recruit insurance customers and generate health leads.

According to the 2012 Life on Demand Study conducted by marketing firm Performics, approximately four in every 10 respondents said they feel more comfortable interacting with others through online sources like social media than they do face-to-face. Additionally, this form of communication pays off, as more than 40 percent said those they get in touch with usually respond within an hour.

Daina Middleton, CEO of Performics, noted that today's consumer is connected to the internet like never before.

"These new participants are comfortable increasingly replacing real-time communications with social media interactions," said Middleton. "In this new social normal - one where people prefer online communication and maintain high expectations about two-way relationships - brands must utilize social channels to build exceptional, interactive digital experiences."

The poll found that women on average spend more than nine hours per week in communication with others electronically, be it through cell phone use or the internet. Men, meanwhile, average just under six hours.

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