Consumers oppose most of health mandate but like some parts

Posted on: Tuesday, December 06, 2011

As lawmakers continue to debate the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the majority of which will go into effect in 2014, a new poll is gauging the support it's receiving from Americans.

Only 37 percent of consumers support the law, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation's poll, compared to 44 percent who view it unfavorably.

However, there are portions of the law that consumers approve of. For example, nearly 85 percent said they were supportive of the provision that requires insurers to provide summaries of benefits that are more easy to understand. In addition, they are also generally in favor of tax credits the plans provide for small businesses and the subsidies that low-income individuals may qualify for in order to obtain coverage.

The least popular element of the bill is the provision that requires policyholders to purchase coverage, as 63 percent said they were opposed to that sort of government mandate.

Though it's unclear how the Affordable Care Act will impact the private insurance industry, agents should try to become as well versed on the topic as possible, as insurance leads may have questions about it.

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