Consumers want health court to cut down on healthcare costs

Posted on: Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Clarus Research Group recently completed a poll for Common Good which showed that a large portion of Americans would rather have a health court separate from the current judicial setup in order to save on healthcare costs.

Two-thirds of Americans would prefer to switch to a health court option, which would take all medical claims out of the current judicial system, the poll noted. Another 75 percent said that the current judicial system plays a large role in why medical insurance rates are so high. More than 65 percent explained that doctors are leaving their practices due to the high costs of liability insurance and lawsuits.

"Americans know they're paying unnecessary health care costs because our system of medical justice is unreliable," said Philip Howard, chair of Common Good. "It's time to end the waste - tens of billions annually - and create reliable health courts."

If healthcare proves to be too expensive for some consumers, there may be other viable options. By looking at multiple health insurance quotes, a person may find one policy with better rates than their current plan.

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