Customer service a top priority for insurance customers

Posted on: Friday, February 24, 2012

A new study will likely be helpful for insurance agents who are insurance prospecting.

According to Ernst & Young, while insurance customers do take price into consideration when purchasing coverage, cost is not the primary factor they weigh. In addition, the survey found that insurance consumers want their insurers to offer more personalized service, want to be rewarded for staying loyal to a company and appreciate multiple avenues to buy coverage, rather than exclusively online.

David Hollander, global insurance advisory leader, said the poll questioned more than 24,000 consumers from 23 different countries, making it a highly representative survey.

"We designed this survey to be far-reaching, to touch across geographies and demographics, and as a way to help insurers contend with one of their biggest challenges: anticipating their customers' needs and devising ways to serve them more effectively," said Hollander. "This survey uncovers valuable insights into consumers' perceptions that we think all insurers -- in the US and abroad -- can use to change how they sell, service and market to consumers across multiple products lines."

The results of the poll may prove to be useful to help turn more health leads into insurance sales.

Posted In: Insurance News, Marketing & Advertising

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