Don’t let overconfidence get in the way of a sale

Posted on: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Insurance customers are the lifeline for insurance agents. Without them, there would be no business to conduct. However, for virtually every industry professional, a promising insurance lead has slipped through their fingers occasionally, through no fault of their own. But, according to ProducersWeb contributor Steve Lewit, many of these lost opportunities could have been avoided, had agents been more attuned to their customers' concerns.

"Selling professionals blindside themselves by falling asleep during the process," said Lewit. "Thinking that everything is OK and that the sale is solid, salespeople tend to drop their guard."

This is a common trap that professionals within the industry fall into, thinking that they won't run into any issues and that an eventual sale is all but inevitable. But as the old cliche suggests, it ain't over till the fat lady sings, Lewit pointed out.

Thus, there are many things that agents need to be constantly reminding themselves of before their client signs on the dotted line. In fact, adopting a measured level of paranoia may be the best move to make, maintaining a healthy dose of skepticism as to whether a deal will ultimately be completed. For example, Lewit said that it's a good idea to constantly be asking one's self questions about issues that may have not been satisfied, such as "Have I fully satisfied their needs?" and "Am I providing them with too much information too early on?" as well as determining whether enough information has been gleaned from them in order to help with their coverage selections.

Agents who collect auto insurance leads should have plenty of practice with customers, as recent analysis performed by J.D. Power and Associates suggests that September will be an active month for new-car sales. The global marketing information services company predicted that more than 933,400 new-vehicles will be bought and sold this month, which if realized, would be 2 percent ahead of last year's pace at the same time.

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