Exercising discretion on Facebook and Twitter

Posted on: Friday, June 10, 2011

Most insurance agents agree that social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are like manna from heaven when it comes to insurance prospecting. But ProducersWeb says if agents aren't careful, they can also serve as gigantic stumbling blocks.

For instance, ProducersWeb says agents may post a seemingly innocuous statement about the quality of a particular life insurance plan on their profile or status. But that one comment, which everyone can read, can quickly lead to a flurry of negative comments from people who may have had a problem with it. In short, the benign comment the agent made turned into a negative publicity statement in a matter of minutes

To prevent such a scenario from occurring, ProducersWeb urges caution before posting anything work-related. It may be a good idea for agents to clear everything through their company prior to posting, the source states.

By exercising discretion and being aware of the impact public forums like Facebook and Twitter have on advertising, social media can remain an agent's favorite forum for insurance leads and prospecting.

Posted In: Insurance News, Utilizing Social Media

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