Experience and education help someone become a successful insurance agent

Posted on: Monday, May 16, 2011

Many lines of work require a prescribed method of preparation before he or she can become truly successful in that profession. Doctors have to go through years of medical school and pilots have to go through hours of flight training.

But the same can't be said when it comes to being a successful insurance agent. In fact, according to ProducersWeb, there are many ways to thrive as an agent .

For instance, ProducersWeb says having a bachelor's degree in insurance shows that someone has received the proper education for the profession. But the source says potential insurance agents don't have to have one in order to get hired.

ProducersWeb says some universities offer technical insurance courses, which allow a person to obtain the equivalent of bachelor's degree but in a shorter period of time. Further, if a person has experience selling insurance despite not having a degree, that is also looked upon favorably.

No matter what way someone trains to become an insurance agent, however, the source says everyone is required to take the state's insurance licensing exam.

Finding insurance leads and selling policies can be a rewarding experience and there are many ways in which to reach that goal.

Posted In: Insurance News, Sales Techniques

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