Four out of five lacking in retirement readiness

Posted on: Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Agents may sometimes wonder where they should focus their attention, whether it's pursuing health insurance or life insurance leads. A new study indicates it may be life insurance, as wealth of Americans are not ready for retirement.

According to risk management service provider Aon Hewitt and a recent poll it conducted, approximately four out of every five Americans are not financially prepared for retirement.

Based on upon financial projections by Aon, more than half of American workers are expected to fall well short of the funds they'll need in retirement, which Aon estimates should be 11 times their final pay, after accounting for social security.

Workers need to examine their long-term savings plan to determine if they're properly prepared for retirement," said Rob Reiskytl, leader of retirement plan strategy and design at Aon Hewitt. "Now more than ever, it's important for employees to keep their eye on their long-term savings goals and investment strategies."

Agents should keep this study in mind when they're out pursuing life insurance leads, as there's a considerable percentage of Americans who are unprepared.

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