Generating insurance leads through web video

Posted on: Friday, December 30, 2011

When it comes to employing the best marketing strategies, agents resort to a variety of tactics. One of the most effective ones in recent years is recording video messages and presenting them on website landing pages. But according to ProducersWeb, video may not be the best method if it's done wrong.

To make sure insurance agents put forward their best self, the website offers a few tips.

For instance, ProducersWeb says agents should try to keep their messages short. Because viewers' attention spans are limited, the viewer should understand what the message is trying to convey and why it's important to them within the first few seconds of the video starting.

Potential clientele need direction if they're going to take action. Therefore, the source says agents should inform viewers of what they need to do to improve their futures. Agents should also remind them why taking specified actions will be of value.

Other helpful hints include dressing professionally, being yourself, and making sure the background of wherever the message is being recorded isn't distracting.

Web video serves as yet another tool for insurance agents in their efforts to convert leads into sales.

Posted In: Insurance News, Sales Techniques

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