Handling a life insurance lead’s concerns with cost

Posted on: Friday, July 29, 2011

While agents face many challenges when it comes to converting life insurance leads into sales, perhaps the biggest hurdle they face is the price of coverage, as prospects often say it's cost prohibitive. But as Agent's Sales Journal says, this can be one of the easiest obstacles to overcome if agents handle it right.

ASJ says one of the ways this is done is by relating to the client. In other words, if the client says the cost of life insurance is too much to pursue, the agent should empathize with the lead so as to show them that this is a legitimate concern. However, instead of focusing on the cost, ASJ says agents should focus on the values life insurance brings which are priceless, such as security for one's family.

Once this is done, the source states agents should ask several questions of the potential client in order to better gauge how much life insurance they need and why they're meeting with the agent in the first place.

This, then, leads to the agent's presentation for why they should buy life insurance.

Being able to adequately address and solve an insurance lead's cost concerns separates the good agents from the great ones.

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