Helping agents clarify their health insurance leads’ questions

Posted on: Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Agent's Sales Journal reports that many agents may be finding their health insurance leads are confused about what healthcare will cost. The best remedy to this is for agents to understand healthcare inside and out.

For instance, clients may find it difficult to understand what insurance will cost them. ASJ says this is understandable because costs fluctuate based on age. Agents can help clarify this by showing a price breakdown of health care costs as they age and recommending what assets may need to be reallocated to accommodate those expenses.

Another thing that may confuse clients is Medicare, and whether or not it will cover all their expenses. ASJ says clients may be surprised to know that it doesn't cover everything. In fact, citing the Employee Benefit Research Institute as its source, ASJ says Medicare covers just over half of the expenses for health care services, with 49 percent of the cost paid by the patient. Noting what services aren't covered by Medicare, such as eye exams, can also help agents clear up the confusion, according to the source.

Knowledge is power, and the more the agent knows about health insurance, the more well off the client will be.

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