Helping agents with their health insurance leads

Posted on: Monday, June 06, 2011

With parts of the Affordable Health Care Act in place, Agent's Sales Journal says many policyholders are finding it difficult to keep their plans because providers have changed some of their rules. To help agents advocate for their clients and health insurance leads, ASJ offers several tips.

ASJ says much of agents' battles may be with the underwriter, as they're the ones who determine if a customer will be covered or not. To increase the chances the underwriter will approve the application, ASJ says agents should be proactive and include information about their client that leads to less risk for the insurer. For instance, if the client exercises regularly, the agent should make mention of that.

Agent's Sales Journal say some clients may worry that they will not be able to renew their policy because they've developed a health condition since signing up. But ASJ says the Affordable Care Act is a benefit to policyholders in this instance, as insurers can no longer deny someone for a pre-existing condition. However, ASJ says this rule only applies if the policyholder has been without coverage for six months.

Agents who keep these things in mind may be able to help their clients avoid problems before they arise.

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