Home insurance a valuable asset for costly belongings

Posted on: Tuesday, February 14, 2012

With the Golden Globes and Grammy Awards just ending and the Academy Awards not far away, Americans have been seeing lots of Hollywood celebrities recently as actors are recognized for their achievements in the entertainment industry. But this time of year may also serve as an opportunity for agents to secure more home insurance leads.

That's because as A-list celebrities wear their favorite jewelry accessories on the red carpet, consumers may be inspired to buy valuables of their own. But as Allstate vice president Keith Rutman indicates, some may be hesitant to do this out of fear they will mishandle them.

"Many people don't wear their jewelry because they are afraid they might lose it," said Rutman. Some pieces hold sentimental value that can never be replaced, but when our customers choose proper insurance coverage on jewels it gives them confidence and peace of mind that they are financially protected when the unexpected happens."

As Allstate notes, most homeowners and renters insurance policies include protection for valuable personal belongings like jewelry, with the amount of coverage ranging between $500 and $2,500, depending on the plan.

It may be a good idea for insurance agents to inform their clients of the many benefits they can get out of their home insurance policy, since plans do more than provide for the policyholder's physical residence.

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