How agents can become more self aware

Posted on: Thursday, September 26, 2013

One of the foremost experts on annuity leads has a question for insurance agents that, he says, everyone in the financial services industry should ask themselves at some point: "Would you do business with you?"

Stan Haithcock, otherwise known as "The Annuity Man" - a frequent contributor to the insurance news website LifeHealthPro - indicated that the reason why industry professionals need to ask this query is because it reflects on how agents are seen in the eyes of their customers.

"I am always asking myself this 'would you do business with you?' question so I can be constantly evaluating what it means to interact with me from an annuity buying standpoint," Haithcock said. "It's humbling to say the least, and something that I know that I can always improve upon."

Perhaps the best way to determine the answer to this question is to try and imagine one's self in the position of the insurance customer, he stressed. For instance, when a sales pitch is made, does it sound like it's a legitimate statement about the product or service? Or could it come off as tacky or lame? Additionally, Haithcock indicated that it's easy to fall into certain traps that virtually no one likes, such as telling a customer that a particular discount only lasts for a limited time. While the intentions might be good, being pressured into buying something is a turnoff, and that's how this statement is likely to come off.

"As hard as it is to do, we all need to pay less attention to our personal scoreboards, and focus instead on the permanent stamp that each of us leave on every single interaction we have with the buying public," Haithcock added.

By being more self aware and cognizant of the customer's opinion, the sky's the limit for producing significant sales successes. With the health insurance marketplaces opening up in less than a week, agents will have plenty of opportunities to hone their approach as they go about the insurance prospecting process.

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