How agents can develop more insurance leads

Posted on: Thursday, January 12, 2012

According to a recent annual poll conducted by, one of the biggest concerns for insurance agents is an inability to establish solid leads when insurance prospecting.

To help, the website has offered 50 different ways agents can generate more leads, publishing them in their latest magazine issue.

One of the best ways, according to the source, is for agents to simply ask their current clients if they know of anyone who may need coverage. Agents who've reported using this method said it's often led to nearly a dozen referrals for them.

Another tip the source recommends is becoming more involved in one's community. says that by joining a chamber of commerce, agents will be able to form connections. These often lead to opportunities for insurance marketing that they wouldn't have had otherwise.

Social media resources have worked wonders for agents as well. The source says that using outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter creates brand exposure, which is a crucial component of lead generation.

LifeHealthPro's "50 Best Ways to Generate Leads" can be found on its website or in its January 1 issue of Senior Market Advisor.

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