How letters can increase insurance leads

Posted on: Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Agents are always looking for quick and easy ways to generate more insurance leads, but as ProducersWeb states, one of the simplest methods is often overlooked - writing a letter.

ProducersWeb says that letters are a great way to increase agents' prospecting hopes because they inform their friends and acquaintances of something they may not know.

In the letter writing process, however, ProducersWeb says agents should be careful not to come off as sounding like they're trying to sell something. The source says a sales letter tells the recipient they can receive a "free consultation" or that they can attend a workshop at your employer. Instead of employing this tactic - which may come off as sounding pushy - the website says agents should simply inform the person being written to of what it is the agent does and they're available for their insurance needs or questions should they need them.

That's not where it ends, though. The source says if agents want to turn their letters into sales, they need to follow up. This shouldn't be with another letter, but rather with a monthly newsletter.

By dropping subtle hints to friends and clients, agents may be able to realize their insurance prospecting goals.

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