How to create situations that lead to life insurance buys

Posted on: Monday, April 22, 2013

The life insurance lead business is all about creating avenues that foster success. All too often, this can prove to be difficult for insurance agents who are new to the industry or have resorted to the traditional ways in which to create or attract legitimate prospecting opportunities.

ProducersWEB contributor Lew Nason notes that there are a myriad of ways in which these opportunities can be created, bounded only by agents' imaginations.

One of the best ways is by relying on those who one knows already. Whether it is friends, family, current customers or acquaintances, agents should speak to everyone they know about the line of work they specialize in, asking them if they know of anyone who may need life insurance. They're almost certain to know of at least one person who has been talking about this type of coverage or is in a situation in which life insurance would help satisfy some of their concerns.

Industry professionals know that as with other lines of work, it's not always what you know, but who you know. Thus, networking is a crucial component of attracting life insurance prospects. Nason recommends working with local businesses who may not be involved in insurance sales specifically, but nevertheless have customers that are rife with potential. Real estate agents, attorneys and mortgage brokers are a few examples of professionals who may be worth contacting.

Though circulation rates may be down for many national newspapers, many local periodicals are still thriving. Nason suggests that for agents who like to write, consider speaking with the town or state newspaper editor about whether they'd be willing to carry a regular column about insurance topics. There could be a market for this type of information, giving agents the audience that they're looking to appeal to.

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