How to effectively communicate with clients

Posted on: Monday, July 18, 2011

While some agents may thrive in finding insurance leads, they mind it difficult to effectively communicate with them. With these people in mind, ProducersWeb offers some tips that may help agents become more conversant with potential clientele.

The source states the most crucial part of communication is establishing trust. ProducersWeb says the best way to do this is to be as cordial and professional as possible.

Another key aspect of effective communication is to speak clearly and concisely. The source says agents can practice this by rehearsing with a friend or speaking in front of a mirror.

As important as verbal communication is, however, ProducersWeb says body language can speak volumes. The source states clients can be quick to pick up on defensive postures, which may lead the client to become wary and distrustful.

Assumptions can pose problems as well. The website says agents should never suppose anything when dealing with a client, as drawing conclusions may lead to a communication breakdown.

Finally, the source states agents should try and get their clients to talk as often as possible, which is best achieved by asking open-ended questions.

By following these tips, agents may be able to turn a weakness - namely, communication - into their biggest strength.

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