How to increase the odds of insurance leads returning calls

Posted on: Thursday, January 26, 2012

While social media and in-person meetings are important methods of turning insurance leads into sales, phone calls remain one of the most frequent outlets for insurance prospecting. But if insurance customers don't return agents' phone calls, their efforts may be made in vain.

To increase the chances of customers returning calls, LifeHealthPro offers a few recommendations.

For example, when calling, the source advises agents to be direct and to the point, as prospects are typically busy and rarely have the time for lengthy phone calls.

Agents should inform their leads of why the product or service is important, or in other words make it clear what's in it for them. LifeHealthPro says agents should be upfront with customers by letting them know how they stand to benefit.

Finally, the source advises agents to ensure their leads that future correspondence will be brief. This will bring peace of mind to insurance customers as they won't have to worry about a meeting affecting their other plans.

Many insurance experts believe that getting prospects to return calls is one of the most important aspects of successful marketing.

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