How to make networking a breeze

Posted on: Monday, August 12, 2013

Leads for insurance agents come through a variety of means, but one of the most beneficial ones is by networking. But according to a recent report on the Fox Business Network, there are a lot industry professionals who avoid networking - mainly because they find it to be awkward approaching people they don't know, often putting them too far outside their comfort zone.

However, marketing research company Belman Insurance Advisor says there are many ways to network so that it's more laid back.

One of the best approaches is by making use of business cards. These are ideal in networking situations, as they provide clients and colleagues with one's information so that they can consult it and then get in contact at their leisure.

Another crucial component to networking is temperament. If an agent appears like they're unhappy or standoffish, others will be able to tell solely by body language. As a result, they'll be less likely to approach. Instead, try to maintain a smile as often as possible, without it coming across as forced. Experts at the New York City-based insurance professionals firm say that smiling is a natural attractor and will cause people to let their guard down and be more at ease about initiating a conversation.

Something else to do before networking is practicing what one might say when going up to a fellow professional. While it doesn't have to be rehearsed, thinking about possible ways of breaking the ice can make networking that much easier to do the next time an opportunity presents itself.

Networking may seem unusual for those who are new to the sales business. ProducersWEB contributor Troy Wilson offers some additional tips so agents can make the most of their insurance prospecting efforts.

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