How to receive free publicity

Posted on: Monday, June 20, 2011

ProducersWeb says that when it comes to finding insurance leads, publicity is crucial. But what do insurance companies and agents do if they're operating on a tight budget and can't afford flashy advertising campaigns? No need to fear, as the website says free publicity is a task that's achievable.

According to ProducersWeb, this often requires agents having to leave their comfort zone and introduce themselves to local media outlets. Once agents have given a newspaper, radio or television station their own name and that of their company, ProducersWeb says agents should supply them with a one-page fact sheet that describes the firm's background and how it can serve as the community's resident expert for insurance-related information. The website then says agents should "use every reasonable opportunity" to submit a press release to them to keep the company's name relevant.

ProducersWeb says there are many events worthy of a press release. These include hiring new staff, the launch of a new product or service or selling an unusual service that may prove useful to policyholders.

Constantly seeking for ways to promote sales can make the insurance prospecting process a whole lot easier.

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