Information technology in limited use among physicians

Posted on: Tuesday, March 06, 2012

While insurance agents have been quick to implement social media marketing strategies in their attempts to secure more insurance leads, physicians have been reluctant to embrace the platform, as well as other types of technologies, a new report indicates.

The report - "Physician Perspectives on Health Information Technology" - found that less than 20 percent of doctors are using the internet to post test results for their patients to see. In addition, just 6 percent are using social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as additional avenues to communicate with them.

Harry Greenspun, senior advisor for the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions and the study's lead author, noted that significant numbers of primary care physicians are using other forms of information technology, such as electronic health records.

"The voice of physicians today seems to have two components: one that accepts the value of information technology to improve quality and safety of care and another that expresses concern over its cost and potential to disrupt how they practice," said Greenspun. "This dissonance is one reason why IT is not further entrenched in our healthcare system."

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