Insurance customers often unprepared, uncomfortable with retirement planning

Posted on: Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The results of a recent survey may be of use for insurance agents who are involved in counseling their clients about planning for retirement.

Conducted by Aviva USA, the poll found that a considerable number of insurance customers find it difficult to talk about their financial situation and often lack an understanding of basic financial products.

Mike Miller, executive vice president of sales for Aviva USA, stated that this is something that agents may want to keep in mind, as they shouldn't assume customers know certain things that may seem straightforward.

"Many people choose to ignore rather than address matters related to their financial wellness," said Miller.

He added that agents and financial advisors may want to have a conversation with their customers about what things they have done to ready themselves for retirement. This may help alleviate some of the stress retirees experience.

The survey also analyzed whether working with a financial professional led to being more prepared. Overall, the poll found that people who worked with an advisor were more than twice as likely to feel comfortable with their retirement planning than those who had not.

Posted In: Insurance News, Life Insurance

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