“Insurance” top income generator for Google

Posted on: Friday, July 22, 2011

With most internet-based companies, much of their earnings are generated by advertising. The same is true for Google, but as a recent study from the search marketing software firm WordStream indicates, the income primarily results from pay-per-click advertising. In other words, the more times people click on a specific key word, the more money Google makes.

And what word is Google's primary income earner? Insurance.

According to WordStream, insurance is the keyword that nets Google the most money, oftentimes used in phrases such as "auto insurance price quotes" and "buy car insurance online."

Other keywords that generate signficant amounts of income for the search engine are "loans," "mortgage," "attorney" and "credit." However, as founder and chief technology officer of World Stream Larry Kim indicates, "insurance was the winner by a landslide."

While managing PPC advertising campaigns can be time consuming and costly, agents are able to tap into this market by purchasing insurance leads from All Web Leads. A majority of All Web Leads' leads are are generated through search engine maketing, which allows agents to find prospects already looking for the insurance products they offer.

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