Irene provides opportunity for insurance sales

Posted on: Tuesday, August 23, 2011

With Hurricane Irene continuing to strengthen in the Caribbean, the storm may provide an opportunity for insurance agents nationwide to remind their insurance customers about being protected.

The latest projections from the National Hurricane Center predict that the storm will be a major hurricane - classified as Category 3 or higher - when it makes landfall over the Carolina coast, but will still have hurricane strength when it reaches Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area.

By definition, a major hurricane has wind speeds greater than 110 miles per hour, which may give some home insurance leads significant pause.

Even areas which are not in Irene's current path may use the storm as a strong reminder of the potential damage the storm could cost.

Some areas are "overdue" for a major hurricane to make landfall, such as southern New England. An expert with the National Weather Service recently told Wareham Week the area is generally hit by a Category 3 storm every 30 years or so. However, the last incident was in 1954.

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