Learning to listen

Posted on: Friday, June 10, 2011

While insurance agents are in the business of providing clients with all the information they need to bring themselves greater financial security, presenters at the Million Dollar Round Table conference said agents won't go far if they don't learn to listen.

Speaking at the conference, Todd Fithian, co-founder of a Boston-based consulting firm, said clients are usually very attuned to whether an agent is really listening to them.

"If your prospects don't feel as though you're listening or that you care, you will never hear their real stories," said Fithian.

And learning about clients' history, according to Fithian, is what separates the quality agents from the average ones, as the business is all about establishing relationships.

Fithian offered several tips to help agents improve their listening skills, such as establishing greater eye contact, writing down questions that they ask and even recording the conversation if that's something they're comfortable with.

By becoming a better listener, agents will not only serve their clients better, but they'll likely have more success with insurance leads in the future.

Posted In: Insurance News, Sales Techniques

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