Life insurance benefits are limitless

Posted on: Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Few would argue that life insurance brings a great deal of comfort and security to the average insurance customer. But it's often hard to put these benefits into words.

To help, ProducersWEB contributor Karlan Tucker says there are several ways in which life coverage can improve the lives of clientele.

As most people already know, life insurance brings a sense of comfort for insureds, knowing that should they pass away, their loved ones will be financially protected so that they can continue to take care of their material needs. Tucker points out, though, that people often forget about the life insurance's value from a business standpoint, as it helps protect a client's assets from creditors.

Another way in which life insurance benefits customers is by establishing a fund for retirement. Due to the increasing cost of living, it's harder than ever to be able to afford leaving the workforce. Life insurance provides a base upon which retirees can establish a retirement savings fund.

Perhaps the most obvious positive attribute of life insurance is the death benefit. Because its tax-free, beneficiaries can better deal with estate issues that need to be settled following a person's passing. And because there are many other ways in which life insurance can be enhanced, this is only the tip of the iceberg with regards to creating a "lasting legacy," as Tucker describes it.

Taxes are treated differently through life insurance. Through policy loans and placing money into a plan that can be accessed tax-free, Tucker says this is an ideal way in which to diversify a portfolio.

With these tips in mind, agents may be able to more effectively take advantage of their life insurance leads so that they can better explain the variety of ways in which this type of coverage can be utilized to its fullest extent.

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