Life insurance not at the top of financial advisors’ minds

Posted on: Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When agents talk with their insurance customers about financial planning, they often fail to bring up the topic of life insurance, a new survey indicates.

Approximately 56 percent of financial advisors indicated that they do not speak regularly to their clients about life insurance, according to a poll conducted by Saybrus Partners.

The reason why so many financial advisors don't discuss this topic may have to do with their level of comfort, as just one-third said they were "very comfortable" discussing why it was something that their customers ought to consider buying.

Kevin Kimbrough, national sales manager for Saybrus Partners, indicated that agents who neglect to talk about life insurance are doing their clients a disservice.

"It is critical for advisors to consistently include life insurance in their clients' financial plans," said Kimbrough. "Our experience has shown that clients are looking to their financial advisors for comprehensive financial planning."

Agents who would like to have more familiarity with the details of life insurance may want to consider consulting with a life insurance specialist. Forty-two percent of the advisors polled said this was something they would be amenable to doing.

Posted In: Insurance News, Life Insurance

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