Many California-based healthcare officials split on ACA effects

Posted on: Monday, August 27, 2012

While insurance agents continue to focus mainly on maximizing health insurance leads, members of the healthcare industry are diverting their attention to what the potential ramifications of the Affordable Care Act's approval by the Supreme Court will mean for business.

According to a survey of healthcare executives in California conducted by the Adaptive Business Leaders Organization, 38 percent stated the ACA has provided their businesses with opportunities for growth. However, nearly one in five said the legislation hindered their growth ability.

Additionally, the study found 37 percent noted they are partnering with other organizations to comply with reform changes. Meanwhile, 35 percent stated their organizations are on their way to doing so.

"Beyond the industry's recent wave of headline-making, billion-dollar mergers and acquisitions, healthcare organizations of all types are forging relationships with other providers, payers, and suppliers," said ABL Organization president Mimi Grant.

In addition to members of the healthcare industry expressing varied opinions on the ACA, employers nationwide are looking into potential effects the legislation may have on them.

A survey by Mercer found three in five employers throughout the U.S. anticipate some form of healthcare costs due to reform.

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