Many would disregard evacuation order, poll finds

Posted on: Thursday, August 09, 2012

Insurance customers understand that thanks to their policies, they have a financial recourse to turn to should their home be severely damaged or destroyed during a weather event. But according to a recent survey, many of these same consumers take their chances and ride out a storm despite warnings urging them to evacuate.

A new survey from Allstate indicates that one in every four Americans - 27 percent - say they would likely ignore an evacuation order to abandon their homes, opting to leave only when it was absolutely necessary.

Mike Roche, vice president of claims for Allstate, indicated Americans need to take evacuation orders more seriously.

"There is a clear opportunity for people across the country to better understand the importance of following evacuation protocols," said Roche. "Preparation is a family's best defense against a natural disaster."

Many Americans may not be sufficiently prepared, however, as the poll found that close to half of respondents said they have never discussed an evacuation plan, while 62 percent say they don't have an emergency kit.

Home insurance leads are an indication that customers are at the very least planning for worst-case scenarios, but more preparatory action may be necessary.

Posted In: Insurance News, Property & Casualty Insurance

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