Mastering the telephone conversation

Posted on: Monday, May 09, 2011

Virtually every insurance agent has more than a handful of stories detailing the difficulty they've had in trying to make a sale over the phone. They put up a fight and talk about all the reasons why they shouldn't buy, and even when an agent answers all their questions effectively, they're still not convinced a meeting is worthwhile.

To makes these calls as easy as possible, Agent Sales Journal offers several tips to keep in mind.

ASJ says a crucial element to a successful sale is staying cool, calm and confident throughout the phone conversation. By staying optimistic, there's a greater likelihood the prospective customer will continue engaging the agent.

However, ASJ says that it's important to have one's talking points at the ready and not let the discussion carry on for too long. To do this, ASJ recommends creating a script that highlights all the important aspects of a particular plan that would make consumers want to schedule a meeting.

While this can help keep clients on task, the source says it's important to not sound like one is reading off a script. An easygoing, conversational tone is best.

Firming up one's telephone sales techniques can help agents turn insurance leads into sales for their company.

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