More than 80 percent not following doctors’ advice

Posted on: Monday, November 21, 2011

A new study indicates that a significant percentage of Americans are eschewing their doctors' orders.

According to communications company Televox and its "A Fragile Nation in Poor Health" report, more than three out of four Americans - 83 percent - said they don't follow their doctors' treatment plans exactly as they prescribed. Health professionals appear to be aware of this, however, as 93 percent said their patients failed to adhere to treatment plans.

When patients were asked why they didn't follow their primary care physicians' instructions, respondents offered a variety of explanations, such as not having enough information about their condition, experiencing side effects after beginning a treatment plan and feeling better before a treatment plan was scheduled to be complete.

The study's analysts conclude that there is a "gaping hole" in the healthcare system, one where the doctor's support often ends when the patient goes to the pharmacy to have their prescription filled.

Past surveys have shown that a lack of effective communication with their doctors was a prime concern for patients. This is something to keep in mind for insurance agents, as they should try pointing their insurance leads toward plans which include access to attentive physicians.

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