Most Americans optimistic about future

Posted on: Friday, December 09, 2011

With unemployment high and consumer confidence historically low, it would seem that American consumers would be less than positive about their financial futures. But according to a new poll, consumers are for the most part optimistic about their economic situations in the days and months ahead.

The survey, conducted by Lincoln Financial Group, found that two-thirds of Americans said their lives were headed in the right direction. It wasn't respondents' income or employment status that led most of them to feel this way, but rather a sense of determination and personal empowerment.

"Americans who feel in control of their destinies share a common mindset - one that is focused on positive, constructive behaviors every day," said Mark Konen, president of insurance and retirement solutions for Lincoln Financial Group.

The study also found that more positive individuals were more likely to be investing in their futures by owning such assets as a 401(k), IRA or life insurance. This may be something to keep in mind for insurance agents who are selling annuities and other financial security products.

Posted In: Insurance News, Life Insurance

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