Negative word of mouth not significant through social media

Posted on: Tuesday, April 17, 2012

While social media can be a great avenue for insurance agents to find more insurance customers, it's also an outlet to combat negative word of mouth.

According to CFI Group in its annual Call Center Satisfaction Index, social media may be helpful in blunting the blow that can come from users who talk about negative experiences with customer service agencies.

The CCSI report came to this finding after studying consumers' interactions with call centers.

Terry Redding, director of development and delivery for CFI Group, noted how positive comments about the call center experience seemed to have had more staying power.

"What we are seeing is that, if you have a bad experience, you post it once on Facebook for all to see and then you're done with it," said Redding. "By the same token, we are seeing good experiences posted in the same way. In fact, we've observed that positive comments generally outweigh negative ones almost as a rule."

He added that while a bad experience may get around to others, positive ones tended to outweigh negative both in volume and impact on consumer behavior.

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